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  • Registering for Self-Assessment

    There are lots of different circumstances where you may need to pay tax, but tax is not deducted at source. Whether you’re unsure about if this includes you, or you want to know how much you can earn before needing to sort out your tax return, we can help. Get in touch and we’ll see if your circumstances mean you need to register for self-assessment.

  • Personal Tax Returns

    Filling out your personal tax return can be confusing. With help from our tax accountant services, you get your own expert personal accountant to guide you through every step of your tax return. We’ll go over your income, outgoings, and see where you can claim tax back on business purchases. We’ll also be able to ensure you’re kept safe from government fines, too.

  • Tax Compliance

    Feeling the pressure from a tax deadline or a government fine? We’ll keep you safe by ensuring you receive personalised, professional tax compliance advice from our personal tax accountants. Our years of experience means we know how to deal with fines from the government, how to ensure your accounts are in order, and how to make sure you don’t pay a penny more than you need to.

  • Dealing with HMRC

    Dealing with HMRC
    No need to stress when you’re dealing with HMRC. We’re here to help you deal with coding notices, payment demands, and any other correspondence you receive from the HMRC. We’ll translate the tax lingo, ensure you’re kept aware of any notices or requests from the taxman, and manage all your tax documentation so you don’t have to.

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TaxSail offers expert tax advice for clients who are self-employed or sole traders and need to submit a tax return. Our tax advisor, Hannah Smith, can also offer help with tax compliance and corresponding with HMRC.

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