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Dealing With HMRC

Jargon Busting Advice when You Need it

Everyone knows that sinking feeling when you see a little brown envelope from HMRC hit the doormat. Correspondence from HMRC is seldom straightforward and a lot of the language used sounds like it’s from a different planet.

You call one help desk just to be referred to another help desk and spend so much time on hold that you can feel your blood pressure rising with every minute wasted.

At TaxSail, we are fluent in the language of planet HMRC and we can help decipher correspondence and prepare an appropriate response to HMRC.

More Than a Tax Advisor

At TaxSail, our personal taxation services doesn’t end once your Tax Return has been submitted.

If instructed, we will manage any correspondence you receive. We will respond to HMRC queries or investigations that may arise after you have submitted your tax return.

We can check coding notices that you might receive to ensure that they are correct. If they require modification, we will contact HMRC on your behalf to discuss the necessary changes and request amended coding notices are sent out.

We are happy to provide this service even if we have not prepared your tax return. If you don’t have the time dealing with HMRC queries, then we are more than happy to undertake this on your behalf. Whether we have assisted you in the past or not, we can look at and query any tax demands or penalty notices from prior years directly with HMRC. Contact TaxSail now to discuss your tax advice needs.

Expertise that Saves You Time and Stress

Your time is valuable. By handing your HMRC queries to an expert personal tax accountant, you will save time and spare yourself the stress of negotiating the system. We are all about providing a personal service that gives you exactly what you need.

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About TaxSail

TaxSail offers expert tax advice for clients who are self-employed or sole traders and need to submit a tax return. Our tax advisor, Hannah Smith, can also offer help with tax compliance and corresponding with HMRC.

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