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We aim to take the stress and confusion away when dealing with your tax return and correspondence with HMRC. We want to deliver a service fits your needs, makes you feel confident when dealing with your finances, and makes you happy to work with us.

This is why we offer a FREE initial tax return consultation to look at what services we can offer you, with no obligation for you to continue. If you think our consultation was helpful and we can help you further, let us know and we’ll get started!

A personal and accessible service for the entire UK

We’re based in Golders Green, North West London, but can offer you the same level of personal, bespoke tax affairs service wherever you are in the country.

Whether you’d like to keep in touch via phone, email, or Skype, we’re happy to work with whatever suits you. We want to be your local tax consultant even if we’re hundreds of miles away. Regardless of your location, we offer you the same high level of personalised service.

We tailor our tax advice services to your needs

Contact us today to book your free initial tax consultation, and we’ll get started with taking the stress and confusion away from your tax affairs.

We’ll deliver accounting services that are made to suit your situation. Whether you run a small business from home or have several sources of income that need to be taken into account, we’ll build a service that works for you.

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About TaxSail

TaxSail offers expert tax advice for clients who are self-employed or sole traders and need to submit a tax return. Our tax advisor, Hannah Smith, can also offer help with tax compliance and corresponding with HMRC.

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