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` Registering for Self-Assessment | Taxsail
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Registering for Self-Assessment

Check if you need to register for self-assessment and submit a tax return. Are you unclear about the rules around tax returns? Do you think you might need to file a tax return but you are unsure?

If you answer yes to one of the following questions, you may need to fill out a tax return:

  • Have you made an investment in a property that you now earn rental income from that you need to tell HMRC about?
  • Do you have any overseas income that you need to pay tax on, such as overseas employment, rental or investment income?
  • Have you made a one-off capital gain or loss in the last year that could affect the amount of tax that you have to pay?
  • Is your annual income over £100,000?  Perhaps you have received a notice from HMRC about a previous year’s tax return and you need help unravelling what it means for this year’s taxes.
  • Are you receiving benefits from your employer that have been reported to HMRC on a P11D but are not reflected in your tax code?
  • Do you pay into a personal pension fund or make charitable donations that could mean you are entitled to a tax refund?
  • Have your savings or investments brought you more than £10,000 of interest or dividend income in the last year that you need to declare?
  • Do you or your partner claim child benefit with one of you earning over £50,000 per year?
  • Are you self-employed?

If any of the above apply to you then contact Hannah Smith, our TaxSail personal tax accountant. After a FREE initial consultation, Hannah will guide you through the process of registering with HMRC, preparing your tax return and ensuring the tax return is ready for submission.

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About TaxSail

TaxSail offers expert tax advice for clients who are self-employed or sole traders and need to submit a tax return. Our tax advisor, Hannah Smith, can also offer help with tax compliance and corresponding with HMRC.

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